Arsenio Manzano - BruntWork

Arsenio Manzano


  • Managed a dynamic web development team for an offshore e-commerce company
  • More than 10 years of experience in Object oriented Analysis/Design development, skilled at progressing from problem statement to well-documented designs
  • Client/Server technologies
    • Proficient in server side programming PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB, Java, Ruby and other programming platforms.
    • Proficient in front end programming and design HTML5, CSS, Wireframes and Web Templates.
    • Well versed knowledge and implementation with various Javascript libraries (MeteorJS, Angular JS, Vue, EMberJS, ExtJS, Jquery, Knockout JS, Win JS, Prototype and Mootools
    • Extensive experience in designing and creating web services (API) using JSON, SOAP and XML for IOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile applications.
    • Extensive experience with Network cloud services on Amazon.
    • Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and monitoring individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments. Analytical thinker that consistently resolves ongoing issues or defects, often called upon to consult on problems that have eluded resolution.


  • Programming Languages
    • Front End
      • HTML5
      • CSS3
      • Javascript
    • Server Side
      • PHP
      • C#
      • VB
  • Database
    • MySQL, MsSQL & MongoDB
  • Mobile Operating systems
    • IOS, Android, Windows
  • We services (API)
  • Development Environments and tools
    • Linux Servers (Ubuntu, CentOs, RedHat)
    • Windows Server (2008 R2, 2012)
    • Apache web server on Linux
    • XAMPP, Windows version of MySQL, Apache, and PHP bundle.
    • Subversion (SVN) Version Control System.
    • GIT Hub
    • Bit Bucket
    • Jira
    • Confluence
  • MVC Frameworks
    • Laravel, ASP.NET MVC, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Yii
  • Content Management
    • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dolphin
  • E-commerce
    • OSCommerce, Joomla Virtuemart, Magento
  • Software
    • Visual Studio, Adobe-Macromedia Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Zend IDE, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Lightroom , NetBeans,​ ​PHP​ ​Designer, Sublime, RoboMongo, Atom


Crylls Inc. / Mills International Trading (PH)
Web Development Project Manager .
Nov -2016 – Present

Manages the whole  WEB  Development  Department.  Keeps track of all the project deliverables. Solves escalated WEB Dev-related issues and finds ways to enhance and prevent them from happening again. Introduces new technologies and trains developers of good programming practices and introduces new tools to better their performance.


  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • eBay
  • Neto
  • Drupal
  • Angular, Vue Js, Jquery, HighCharts
  • Gulp, Sass
  • Laravel Homestead / Vagrant
  • Mysql
  • AWS

Ultimate CSR (AUS)
Senior PHP Developer 
July 2016 – Sept 2016

Responsible  to  help  maintain  and  create  new  modules  for  an  existing  Contact  Center  Management System. CCMS is a web-based application that allows contact centers to drive performance by providing a wide range of tools altogether in one place.


  • Laravel 5.2
  • Vue Js, Jquery, HighCharts
  • Gulp, Sass
  • Laravel Homestead / Vagrant
  • PHP
  • MysqlAWS

Robert Parker’ Wine Advocate Pte. Ltd. (SG)
Software Developer 
May 2013 – June 2016

Assigned as the Lead Developer and was responsible for planning, organizing, producing and maintaining internal  web  applications.  Performed major  data  migration  from  legacy  systems. Also acted as a Network Specialist that solved security, hosting issues, website backup and recovery for our websites. Also  assisted in analyzing and contributing new strategies for future web development plans.


  • Ticketing system for events for members.
  • Revamped the existing website
  • Development of System admin control panels
  • Trade Directory wine Listing application
  • Events website portals and ticketing systems
  • New Mobile applications in Windows, IOS and Android


  • AWS cloud (Windows and Linux OS)
  • Vagrant and Docker Deployment Tools
  • C#, VB, ASP.NET MVC and PHP
  • HTML5, Knockout JS, Meteor JS, Angular JS, Ember JS and JQuery
  • MSSQL, MYSQL and Mongo DB

Nano Equipment Pte Ltd (SG)
Software Developer 
Oct 2011 – April 2013

Senior  PHP/Web  Developer that led the design, development and maintenance of Custom  built Content Management Systems purely integrated to our Android and iPhone apps for corporate clients.

Directly  involved  in  the  entire  app  lifecycle right from concept stage until delivery and post  launch support.


  • Designed and developed of web and mobile applications for our corporate clients
  • Gathered clients’ requirements and created the technical architecture.
  • Designed and developed mobile applications based on agreed proposal
  • Provided technical support to users after service launched


  • Borneo Motors (iTrust) CMS project
    • A  business  solution  with  an  integrated  CMS  backend.  It  is  a  business  solution  for  Toyota Service centers’ sales representatives to endorse their products as well as capture important business information.
      1. IOS5 IPAD
      2. CAKE PHP CMS (HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, Fusion Charts)
      3. Web services using JSON
  • Asset Inspection Management System (AIMS) project
    • A  ​SaaS  (Software-as-a-Service) solution efficient data collection system for building  and asset inspection.
      1. IOS5 IPAD
      2. CAKE PHP CMS (HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, PDF creator)
      3. Web services using
  • M1 DAS project
    • A Windows 8 tablet based Dealer Assistant System
      1. Windows 8 Tablet
      2. WinJS, JavaScript, HTML5
      3. Web services using SOAP

Rhema Media Group (SG)
Software Developer
Aug 2011 – Oct 2011


  • Website development and maintenance
  • IOS development using Sencha touch (​HTML5 mobile app platform​)

Hurdman Communications (Home base)
PHP Programmer / Web Developer / Web Staff Support 
Jan 2010 – Oct 2011


  • Performed maintenance of existing sites with updates provided by clients
  • Development & maintenance of existing web applications
  • Custom application, or new module, specifications
  • Ensured quality work through development and QA procedures
  • Participated in planning processes
  • Challenged on a daily basis to solve problems in new and creative ways
  • Small work force means that work will vary and cover a wide range of possibilities
  • Communicated and enforced coding standards
  • Created  and  executed  project  work  plans  and  revises  as  appropriate  to  meet changing needs and requirements


  • – PHP, HTML, Javascript

Internet Business Path (PH)
Lead PHP Programmer / Web Developer 
August 2009-October 2010


  • Helped create a customize WordPress for the client’s business.


  • – PHP, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress

Focus Interactive Outsourcing Corporation (PH)
Lead PHP Programmer / Web Developer 
May 2006 – April 2009


  • Lead  a  group  of  Developers  on  a  rapid  site  production,  using  most  popular frameworks available on the web.
  • Developed  dynamic  PHP  server  side  scripts,  command  line  scripts  and  as  well  as applying it as dynamic client-side contents
  • Developed client side pages:
    1. with the use of CSS that meets the W3C standards
    2. XHTML coding that applies a table-less coding styles
    3. Frequent use of JavaScript to facilitate dynamic client side scripts as well as to cater web 2 application needs.
  • Developed website using the most popular Templating Engine (Smarty)
  • Handled database management and monitoring (Mysql)
  • Oversees  web  server  configurations  (Apache  /  PHP  configurations,  Apache access and error logs)


  • – PHP, HTML, JavaScript


Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan 
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Information Technology and Network / System Administration