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Recruiting & Retaining Talent in the Global Marketplace

If you want to find the best (and best value) people to work for you, you must look further afield than your local market. For whatever role you need filled there are literally millions of potential candidates if you open your mind to the global marketplace. You just need to know how to find them, which is where we can help.

Since 2010 we’ve been hiring offshore staff to grow our own businesses as well as our clients. Over that time we’ve developed a tried and tested process to effectively recruit and retain offshore talent, and would love the chance to help you do the same.

How we recruit the best talent?

We spread a wide net. We use both traditional recruitment sites and tactics as well as our own list of contacts to gather a large pool of potential candidates.

Then we rigorously assess each candidate’s current and potential aptitude. Each candidate goes through a psychometric test, as well as literacy, numeracy, and spatial reasoning tests, before completing a role specific test. We can match the results of these tests to our database of current and past staff to work out which are likely to succeed in future roles.

Only then do we recommend a candidate for an interview.

How we retain the best talent?

We pay slightly above market salaries. This makes a massive difference. If you go with the absolute cheapest staff available (as a lot of BPOs tend to do), you tend to get low performing people.

We also offer slightly more benefits than required by law. For example, in the Philippines full time employees are entitled to just 5 days annual leave each year. We usually offer at least double this.

Increasing salary and benefits just a touch above market salaries are small concessions to make in the grand scheme of things, but create massive amounts of goodwill in your staff and lead to high staff satisfaction and retention rates.

Clear requirements and expectations. We make sure our staff have a crystal clear understanding about their job requirements and KPIs. High output teams know exactly what they should be doing and the expected output required. We generally offer some bonuses or incentives for staff who hit or exceed their KPIs.